Go Developer

Front-end Developer

Go Developer - Position Overview

Development of RESTfull API based on micro-service architecture. Design of software architecture and solution.
Implementation and development of the system. System testing. Development of CI Procedures and deployment strategies (DevOps). Writing of technical documentation.

  • Go (or Python / NodeJS and willing to learn Go)
  • Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • API development
  • Testing, CI and DevOps
  • Docker Containerization

Front-end Developer - Position Overview

UI application development and testing UI components. Technical documentation writing.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS skills
  • HTML frameworks like Bootstrap or Material
  • Frontend testing


  • Continuous professional development with support from experienced engagement on the large projects
  • Work with modern technologies and systems
  • Work in a dynamic and professional working environment within Belgrade's Science and Technology Park
  • The possibility of work from home or remote destination flexible working time
  • Adequate earnings and benefit packages
  • Work within the international environment of the Linux Foundation EdgeX Foundry Project

To apply for this positions, please send your CV to:


Mainflux Labs is a technology company providing full-stack, open-source IoT platform, IoT edge computing gateway and consulting services for all IoT technology stack layers. The company's focus is on the global market, state-of-the-art technology and know-how, expressive participation in the open-source community, as well as the readiness of team members to devote their time and work experience to train interested and selected associates.
Our team members have enterprise working experience, including in fortune 500 companies and also developing projects covered by major media outlets.

Due to the leading edge design, architecture and implementation of the Mainflux IoT Platform, the Linux Foundation invited Mainflux Labs to participate as a founding member of its EdgeX Foundry Project alongside companies such as Dell, AMD, ADI, Toshiba, Samsung, and Intel. Mainflux team members are elected to be in the Technical Steering Committee and our founder Draško Drašković received two awards from the community and Governing board: Community Contribution Award for Exemplary Leadership and Innovation Award for Extensive Technical Contribution.

The Mainflux Labs project is presented at conferences such as FOSDEM, GoLab Florence, ONS Linux Foundation - Santa Clara, O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference London, Open-Source Samit Linux Foundation-Prague, ITNEXT -Samit Amsterdam. Also, the global publishing house O'Reilly has published a publication entitled Scalable Architecture for the Internet of Things featuring the Mainflux IoT Platform.